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Unitech Group

Our Mission
Our Mission
Processing Equipment
Blow Molders and Silo Systems
Leak Detectors
Bottle Unscramblers
Baggers - Debaggers
Bottle Rinsers
Liquid Fillers
5 Gl Lines Garrafones
Granular / Solid Product Fillers
Labelers for Sleeve Type labels
High Speed Labelers
Shrink and Case Packers
Complete Line Engineering
Parts and Service
Used Equipment
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Our Mission:
To combine the best service, the best engineering and the best equipment to provide COMPLETE solutions to our customers.
We integrate high qualty production systems selecting  the most suitable equipment for the packaging requirements of our customers ....
  • Selecting the right equipment
  • Designing the system
  • Service and Support
All of the above are part of our business equation
About Systems Integration
A system is a set of components that Interact to accomplish a goal ...
System Integration :

To select the appropriate components and the correct Interaction, connectivity and communications so that the system can accomplish the required goals  effectively and efficiently.
Emerging Properties of a System : 
Properties that arise from the interaction of the system components but that are not characteristic of the individual elements when they are not part of the system.
This is what originated the phrase:  The system is more than the sum of its parts
When Integrating a production system  the design pays attention to  these emerging characteristics.

Complete Line Engineering